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Hi Online Adventurer

Getting started with anything new online always takes time.

So many folk are looking for a simple, practical way to build a business.

One that doesn’t require endless hours sitting in front of a computer.

And you may have just found it here.

Because, PLR is one of those opportunities that sits just below the radar, quietly making an income for many online.

Unforunately, many folk regard PLR as a bit like the ‘Cinderella’ of the online world.

They know about PLR but it doesn’t have the glitz and glamour for a ‘proper’ online business.

Because, there’s definitely a lot of ‘trash’ PLR out there.

Which has resulted in it having a poor reputation.

Amazon won’t permit its use on Kindle.

So, it may come as a surprise to you, there are many good, solid PLR providers too.

And using their PLR can make it really worthwhile.

Now, you’ve got this far so you’re probably deciding to….

        • Find a good PLR provider
        • Maybe make a few simple edits
        • Change the author
        • Slap it up on your website
        • Hope it sells.

This is pretty much what most people do.

Then they wonder why nothing happens and give up.

You need to be a bit more discerning than that to be successful