9 Top Tips – Create and Sell Limited PLR

Picture this: You spend 45 minutes writing an 850-word article on a survival topic such as “Urban Survival Skills”.

You then sell this article for a limited time (24 hours) at $14 per article. During this period, you make 50 sales.

You’ve earned $700… for 45 minutes of work.
Is this doable?

You bet it is!

Popular PLR seller, Tiffany Lambert, did a limited PLR article on this exact topic and if we looked at the WarriorPlus stats, you’d see that she made 50+ sales.

Lambert Sales

This means she could have done anywhere from 51 to 99 sales… and earned way more than our modest estimate of $700.

But it gets even better!

If we looked at the little ‘funnel’ for this product, we’ll see that she has an inline upsell for another article that she’s selling for $6.

Which means, when buyers are about to purchase her limited PLR, they’ll be offered an option to add the second article to their purchase.

Let’s assume that 50% of her customers pick up the inline upsell too. This is a modest estimate because the percentage is usually much higher.

If 50 buyers purchase the first article, and 25 buyers out of those 50 get the upsell, Tiffany’s earnings will be –> ($14 x 50) + ($6 x 25) = $850

Even if we consider payment processor fees and WarriorPlus’ cut, that’s still a hefty chunk of change for about 2 hours of work.

If we looked on Fiverr, we’d see that even the bestselling gigs for article writing in the ‘Pro Services’ selection charge about $100 per 500-word article.

Lambert Fiver Compared

Their earnings per gig pale in comparison to what Tiffany earns.
Selling limited PLR can be a far more profitable business model than freelancing if you know how to go about it.

This article will tell you how.
Let’s begin!

*Top Tip #1 – Build a list of PLR buyers first.

Here’s where so many beginners tempted by quick profits trip up. They try to create limited PLR and struggle to sell out their content even if they limit it to just 20 copies.

They fail because they’re putting the cart before the horse.

They do not have a list to market to.

Selling limited PLR, while simple in theory, can only be pulled off by the experienced PLR sellers who have an existing audience. This is NOT a business model for newbies.

If you wish to sell limited content PLR, you’ll first need to do anywhere from 3 to 7 PLR launches. These launches will be for regular private label rights content, preferably larger bundles at an attractive price.

When you consistently pull off these launches, you’ll build a list of PLR buyers. Now you have an audience to which you can sell your limited PLR.

Since your customers will be familiar with your content, they’ll be a ‘warmer’ audience and be more likely to purchase from you.

Key Point:
To sell limited PLR, you must first focus on building a PLR buyer list by doing regular PLR launches.

*Top Tip #2 – Your reputation is EVERYTHING!

There’s an expression, “The cream always rises to the top.”

This quote certainly applies to selling limited PLR.

Offering content that’s scarce is normally only profitable to vendors who have a sterling reputation for creating top-shelf content.

While experienced PLR sellers are a dime a dozen, only a rare few can sell limited content and generate a rush of sales. There’s only one reason for this – their audience loves their content.

When your content is exceptional… and it’s now scarce, buyers will eagerly grab it before it’s sold out. They don’t want to miss out on something good.

But if your content is drab and duller than a dirty bowling ball, then buyers will not really care whether your content is limited or not.

Key Point:
To get eager buyers for your limited content, you should build a reputation for creating stellar PLR content.

*Top Tip #3 – Wise topic choice is vital

When it comes to choosing a topic to write about, there’s no exact science to the process. Even the most experienced PLR sellers have hits and misses.

The only way to know for sure is to write the content and put it out into the marketplace… and let your audience vote for it with their wallets.

It’s a reality that sometimes, despite your best efforts, some topics just don’t sell as well as you expect. Being able to accept this fact is what separates the pros from the amateurs. At times like these, don’t dwell on the ‘failure,’ just start working on your next article.

Generally, there are a few niches that tend to do well. These niches are:
* Online marketing & its sub-niches
* Survival/Prepping
* Health
* Promotional content for affiliate products
* Self-help
* AI-related content

Another important point to note:
Your success with a topic depends on the niche topics that you’ve covered in previous PLR launches.

For instance, if you previously launched a PLR bundle on weight loss, selling PLR on ‘intermittent fasting for fat loss’ will do well because it aligns with your buyers’ interests.

They already purchased weight loss content… and will need more content on related topics.

Key Point:
Create content on topics that are potential hot sellers. If one topic sells well, you can expand on it with more specialized content on closely related subjects.

*Top Tip #4 – Give your people something they want!

This is a simple fact but it’s often overlooked. A common mistake many newbie vendors make is assuming that all PLR is made equal.

This is NOT true… and we’re not talking about quality here. We’ve already established that your PLR will be awesome.

The point we’re emphasizing here is that the type and format of your limited PLR must be congruent with whatever you launched earlier.

For example, if you built your list of buyers by launching article bundles, then releasing limited PLR articles will be popular with your subscribers. Trying to sell limited planners or checklists or graphics packages will not convert well because your buyers prefer articles.

Similarly, if you’ve been launching video PLR bundles on health topics, then a bundle of limited video reels on yoga or some other topic will be exactly what your existing customers want.

Key Point:
Give your audience what they’re used to buying from you. If they’ll buy the unlimited version of it, you can bet they’ll snap up the limited content version you release.

*Top Tip #5 – Tools are important – Use the right ones

Unlike business models such as ecommerce or building niche sites, selling limited PLR is very straightforward. There are only a few crucial tools you’ll need, and if you’ve been doing PLR launches, you should already have them.

But let’s take a quick look at what you’ll need, just in case you’re new to this whole ‘PLR business’…

* A page builder
A reliable page builder like OptimizePress or using an all-in-one platform like Systeme.io will allow you to whip up professional looking sales pages that scream credibility and turn visitors into eager buyers.

If you’re on a tight budget, you could easily leverage Systeme.io’s free plan. You’re allowed 3 funnels. So, you can do PLR launches and a limited PLR release at the same time.

Once the time’s up (or you’ve sold out), just edit the pages for your next limited release. You’ll literally be able to make sales and profit without paying Systeme.io a cent. When you’re making the money, you can upgrade to the easily affordable Startup plan.

Systeme Pricing

* Graphic software

Even if it’s digital content, having an ecover will significantly improve your conversions. You could use a tool like Ecover Authority or Canva to design one.

If you’re proficient with Photoshop, you could use that instead. There’s also a free equivalent for Photoshop called Photopea which is invaluable.

If you feel like your graphic skills are not up to par, you could hire a graphic designer from Fiverr.

The image below will show that you could hire someone for just $5… and with Fiverr’s fees ($3.28), the total cost for one ecover will be $8.28.
That’s very affordable.

Fiverr Example

If you’re selling your limited PLR for $9.95 a copy, just one sale will cover the cost of your graphic. Everything else will be pure profit.

* Email marketing tool
There are many popular autoresponder companies such as AWeber, Get Response, or ConvertKit.
Choose one that works for you and integrates with the platform that you’ll be using (e.g. WarriorPlus).

* A solid platform
Using WarriorPlus will make the selling process a breeze. You’ll be able to add an inline upsell just like Tiffany does.

If you set your offer to ‘Public’ and you sell enough copies, your limited PLR could even be featured in the WarriorPlus Top Sellers list and garner more attention. Sometimes, it could even win Deal of the Day!

So, your limited PLR can get a lot more reach on WarriorPlus than it would if you were using other tools such as Thrivecart.

The only downside here is that WarriorPlus will take a small percentage cut of your sales.

But if you’re using Thrivecart or Systeme.io, you won’t have any fees… but your offer may not get the extra reach that you could with WarriorPlus. So while the different solutions are all possible, there are advantages and disadvantages to each.

Ultimately, you’ll need to decide what’s important to you and choose a platform which suits you. What matters is that your sales are processed in a smooth, uninterrupted fashion.

Do note: If you’re using Systeme.io, you still can run your offer on WarriorPlus.

You’ll just need to embed the buy button code from WarriorPlus into your Systeme.io sales page. So, you can use both these platforms together.

Key Point:
Get the tools you’ll need in your business and learn to use them proficiently.

Top Tip #6 – Scarcity – Time-limited vs. quantity-limited

There are 2 ways you can add scarcity to your PLR. You can:

* Limit it by time
* Limit it by quantity

If it’s a time-limited release, you could offer it for 24-hours.

Once the offer expires, people will not be able to buy the PLR. The time you set is up to you… but generally, you don’t want to exceed 48 hours.

If it’s a quantity-limited release, you may only offer 50 copies of your PLR. Once the product sells out, no additional copies will be available for purchase.

There are pros and cons to each method. If the scarcity is time-limited, your customers in different time zones will still be able to purchase it without fear of it being sold out before they can see your email.

However, should you not sell enough copies, you’ll still need to close the offer after the specified time.

If you’re doing quantity-limited scarcity, depending on the size of your list, even if you’re offering 50 copies, it could all be sold out within an hour or two.

People who have not opened your email yet… or those in another time zone will get irritated at missing out on the offer when they weren’t given a fair chance to get it.

Some of them will email you to vent their frustrations. Rest assured; this happens.

However, let’s assume you only sell 22 copies of the PLR instead of the 50 copies.
Without a time restriction, you can still continue promoting this offer over the next few days or even months later. This gives you ample opportunity to gradually hit the 50-copy mark and sell out the product.

Decide which method of scarcity you want to go with. You may wish to try both and see what works for you.

*Do remember to either redirect your offer page to a ‘Sold out’ page (if you’re using time-limited scarcity) … or have your buy button show that the offer is sold out when all copies are gone.

A very important point to note: DON’T use fake scarcity.

The appeal of limited PLR lies in its exclusivity. Your buyers do not want content that everyone and their grandmother has…..

True story…

There are PLR vendors who have secretly raised the limits of their limited PLR when sales were good… only to get discovered later when their WarriorPlus stats showed that they sold more than was stipulated.

Avoid such deceptive activity. Ruining your reputation just for a few extra sales is myopic and not a good look in the long run.

If you offer 50 copies, sell only 50. If you offer it for 24 hours, don’t make exceptions 4 days later just because someone pleads with you.

Giving in to their requests might seem kind at the time but it will undermine the credibility of your limited offers and make them doubt you in future.

Sticking to your word is the only way to ensure your scarcity is taken seriously.

Key Point:
Use scarcity wisely and pick a method that’s suitable for you. Resist the urge to increase sales by secretly breaking your own rules and limits.

Top Tip #7 – You do NOT need affiliates

Once again, this is a personal preference. If you have a sizeable list that converts well, you don’t need affiliates. There’s no point in splitting your profits if you can get the sales on your own.

Furthermore, because of the scarcity involved with limited PLR, regardless of whether it’s time-limited or quantity-limited – affiliates will still not be able to get that many sales to make their efforts worthwhile.

Sure, they may be able to squeeze a few sales here and there – but before they know it, the offer is either sold out or it’s over.

So, a limited PLR offer often isn’t very attractive to experienced affiliates. But the decision to allow affiliates is ultimately up to you.

Top Tip #8 – Systematise the process

Systemise ProcessReleasing limited PLR is not a complicated process.

All you’ll be doing is creating the content, setting up the offer and access, tweaking the sales page and emailing your list about it.

You’ll need an efficient process that speeds up everything from content creation to building a sales page. Ideally, you’ll want to use a template for your sales page.

This template should be easily editable to incorporate the specifics of each new limited PLR release. Just a few tweaks and you should be good to go.

After a while, most of your regular buyers will barely glance at the sales page because they already know they’re purchasing. So, you don’t need a super-long sales page.

Just provide the necessary details and add a countdown timer, if it’s a time-limited offer. If you’re using WarriorPlus, you can just clone the offer in seconds and tweak the details.

Key Point:
Study your entire process and create a streamlined checklist that you can follow quickly and easily for each limited offer you release.

Secret #9 – Keep the flywheel spinning

Finally, to truly succeed with limited PLR, you’ll need consistency.

It’s easy to fall into a trap of only releasing limited PLR after you’ve built a sizeable list. However, over time, your list will have unsubscribers and sales will gradually start to drop off.

The best way to overcome this problem will be to continue building your email list through organic or paid methods… and to also do full-sized PLR launches.

Yes, the bigger launches are tiring and a hassle, but they’re a necessity for you to inject fresh leads (buyers) into your email list.

To sell more limited PLR, you need more PLR buyers on your list.

You could be the best PLR seller on the planet, but you’ll still need a constant influx of buyers to your list to maintain consistency in sales and momentum in your business. That’s just the way it is.

Key Point:
Do both PLR launches and limited PLR releases. Find ways to generate traffic and build your email list.

*Final Note

The information outlined in this short report are real-world secrets that are proven to work. Selling limited PLR appears easy on the surface… but making it work is far from easy.

It’ll take time, effort and a solid reputation to pull it off successfully. If you follow the tips in this report and give yourself time, the day will come when your limited PLR sells out faster than a Black Friday sale.

Start working on your limited PLR business today!

Talk again soon


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