PLR Rights – What Are The Differences?

Many PLR buyers become very confused by the differences in PLR rights.
And if you stop to think about it’s easy to see why.

PLR stands for ‘Private Label Rights’ – so why is everyone saying ‘PLR Rights’?
That’s equivalent to saying Private Label Rights Rights.

This is just one of the many inconsistencies in the PLR business. However this term has become the norm.

So, let’s just go with the flow and accept this anomaly.

The fact of the matter is that, even if a product comes with PLR rights, vendors often have different interpretations of the same license terms.

So a vital rule of thumb is to ALWAYS pay close attention to the license terms that come with each PLR product.

Some PLR sellers can have their own unique rules and stipulations. If in doubt, ALWAYS contact the vendor.

Now for a general explanation of the most common types of PLR rights…

* Private Label Rights (PLR)
Private Label Rights give you plenty of flexibility to personalise/rebrand the PLR content you have purchased.
Normally, you will receive editable source files to enable you to truly make the content your own and create your own derivative products.

The most important factor here is the EDITABLE SOURCE FILES!
Nearly all variations of the rights are determined by the source files.

And what are the source files?

When you get written PLR content, be they articles, reports, or eBooks, the editable source files will likely be WORD.DOC, .TXT and occasionally .RTF.

This means you can edit the document if you have the source files. Simply put you can rewrite them, add your own name as authour, inset images, create a new cover image etc.

Personalize and rebrand the content to your heart’s content. This enables you to make it become totally different from the original PLR product you purchased.

This is the fundamental reason why, whenever possible, you should get your PLR from original vendor.
Because you get all the source files you can extract maximum mileage from the PLR.

* Resell Rights (RR)
Resell Rights products are often found in PLR membership sites.
These products are usually ‘Biz-In-A-Box’ PLR packages… that have been converted into PDFs, MP4s, etc.

The crucial thing here is the editable source files are NOT INCLUDED.
Consequently, you’ll only be able to sell the PDF or MP4s as they are.
There is no way that you can make any changes.

Obviously there’s much less flexibility with Resell Rights products.
You can sell them but you’re in competion with everyone else who has purchased these products.

Unfortunately, most beginner marketers usually compete on price. Starting out they haven’t learnt about alternative options. Sadly, this just becomes a race to the bottom for price and profit (or lack there of).
All this does is devalue the products when they are sold for peanuts. Chances of making a profit quickly turn to zero.

None the less, RR products can still be used to make some sales, to create bonuses, or used for research for your own content creation.

* Master Resell Rights (MRR)
Master Resell Rights products are very the same as Resell Rights products.
The key difference being your customers are able to resell the MRR products as their own as well you.

Again, this generally means that everyone and their grandmother ends up owning the product. With the resulatnt devaluing by lowest price competion as mention for Resale Rights poducts.

* Giveaway Rights
Giveaway Right are what the label says. You can give these PLR products away as gifts, as bonuses, or they can be used as freebies to build your email list. They usually come in PDF and MP4 format.

Depending on the product, you may occasionally get editable source files… but this is rarely the case.

* Unrestricted Rights
Again, as the name implies, Unrestricted Rights products normally have very few restrictions. Essentially you can do whatever you want with them.

However, take note that some of the more clueless PLR vendors’ sales page state that their products have Unrestricted Rights just to get more sales. – However, they then include restrictive stipulations in their license terms which negates the Unrestricted Rights.


* Limited Content PLR
Limited Content is not ‘Private Labele Rights’ per se. However it’s a highly sought after type of PLR content.
Limited Content PLR will have a limit to the total number of copies sold.

The limit is determined by the vendor up front. It can be any number but often is 100 or 200 copies. The more sought after vendors often limit the copies 30 or 50 to increase the product value.

It all depends on the PLR vendor’s preferences.

Many PLR buyers love limited PLR content!!

There’s less competition because fewer people own the content which increases it’s perceived value.
And it makes it easier to personalize and rank the content in the search engines.

* PLR Reseller Rights
PLR Reseller Rights are very rare and only offered by a few exceptional PLR sellers.
These rights allows the purchaser (you) to sell the PLR as YOUR OWN PLR.

This means you include the source files with your PLR sales package.
In other words, it allows you to become a PLR seller in your own right.

Creating content is hard work.

So purchasing PLR Reseller Rights products allows you to quickly and more easily build your own PLR store.
Which means you can quickly start selling your own PLR products.
You can be a PLR seller in record time. Isn’t that fantastic?

If you’re looking for products with PLR reseller rights, please check out

* Conclusion
Now you should better understand the meaning of the different PLR rights and licenses.
And you will appreciate the pros and cons of each type which will enable to make informed buying decisions.

You’ll also know what you can and cannot do with any of the PLR you already have.

Congratulations on being better informed.
This puts you way in front of the majority of PLR buyers out there.

Talk again soon

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